What To Expect From My Yoga Sessions

When entering the class you will be greeted with a smile.

A sacred space will have been created for you to help set the scene; soft lighting and delightful aromas, mellow sounds.

Come in, remove your shoes, make yourself comfortable, roll out your mat, or use the equipment provided. Let yourself unwind and your shoulders melt away from your ears with a complimentary herbal tea to ensure your experience is as chilled as it can be.

We start with some simple warm up exercises to focus the mind into parts of the body that you may not think about too often and soften the body ready for the practice ahead.

Next we move onto working through a sequence of standing asanas (postures).
These focus on warming the body further, developing stamina, teaching you about firm grounding to the Earth so that radiates outwards.

Incorporating bending, twisting, balancing and even turning upside down, these postures utilise large muscle groups that will make you stronger and more flexible.

Moving into the seated asanas you will find these help loosen the body even further, releasing tension so that it can recenter itself. Forward bends tone the abdominals and calm the nervous system which is a great way to release stress and allow anxiety to float away.

Being fully supported by the Earth, the mind is free to explore how to surrender to a posture and focus on the practice. Seated asanas often include backbends which are ever important to counteract the forward bending posters that we encounter daily in our modern lives. Backbends are uplifting, increase determination and willpower, and help confront unknown fears.

In addition to this they help open the chest to promote better breathing and expand the Heart’s centre to bring joy and vitality to your life.

We then flow into inverted postures. These safely work the heart and are key to boosting the immune system. Inversions are calming, they lessen tiredness and help develop deep concentration.
The final part, some say the best is left until last…

R E L A X A T I O N!

Grab a warm layer of clothing or a blanket, pillow and eye bag.

Savasana is a time for your body to completely relax. To integrate the effects of your practice and to start the healing process, mentally and physically.

Let go of tension in the body and mind.

Relearn how to let go!

Take time to remember who you are…rebalance…find inner peace
If you would like to find out more about my group classes, 1:1 sessions or online classes you can contact me via email, WhatsApp or by clicking the button below.