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TuesdaySunrise Yoga06:15-07:00General Vinyasa Yoga flow to wake up to
WednesdayMidweek Vinyasa Yoga20:00-21:00General Vinyasa flow helping to increase strength and stability throughout the mind and body
Wednesday **NEW Class**Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)21:00-21:30Wednesday wind-down. Short Yoga Nidra straight after Vinyasa Yoga.
You are welcome to attend both sessions, or just the Yoga Nidra
ThursdaySunrise Yoga - Relax and Restore 06:15-07:00Start unwinding for the weekend.  Gentle Yin style yoga postures followed by an extended Shavasana.... ahhhhh!

The “weekly subscription” pricing structure explained……

I appreciate that everyone will be in different financial situations, so I would like you to think about:

  • How many classes you intend to participate in each week
  • How much you can contribute
The weekly contribution will be £10-£20 per week…. depending on how much you are able to contribute.
(If you attend all 5 classes this equates to only £2-£4 per class)

**If £5 per week or less is more suitable for you, then please choose the level most appropriate for your situation.**

Each class is suitable for all levels, including beginners, come and join the fun and give it a try.

The poses should be greeted with patience and kindness. Absolutely nothing in the class should cause you pain, if it does, please ease off and work to your individual comfort zone.

** For health reasons, if your are unsure wether you should participate or not, please consult your medical professional **

There’s no limit to class numbers so, please feel free to encourage friends and family to sign up too.

I look forward to practicing with you

Love and light

Click here to sign up for our online classes.

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    Geographical areas covered (in normal times!): Most of TW20 including Egham, Addlestone, Thorpe, Staines, Englefield Green, Virginia Waters, Runnymede, outside of these areas I would be happy to provide a tailored quote.