About Victoria

Hello, and welcome to my page.

Whilst I would love to do this over coffee and cake, we will have to save that for another time! A little bit about me…. I am a mother of 2 incredible girls that fill me with wonder and joy every day, it’s just magical to be around them; they have taught me so much about myself.

For may years my career has been as a recruitment consultant. Like most people in recruitment I fell into it, and found that it was a pretty cool job with pretty cool people…and it soon became my career.

It gave me the “buzz” that people look for in a job that constantly kept me busy.
Outside of work I would be a regular at the gym, going to spinning classes and circuit training…. I loved the high intensity classes.

If you walked out the gym with jelly legs and feeling completely exhausted, that would be a successful work out, right?? Practicing yoga was something I did from time to time and dipped in and out of over many years, never quite appreciating it and finding it rather dull…

Then after my 2nd pregnancy, with zero level of fitness I began looking for a way to return the body to its previous levels of strength.

And that’s where my yoga journey started… to start with it offered the physical challenge where it felt like I was really pushing the boundaries, not feeling out of breath, but energised, the same way that a spinning class would make you feel, without the exhaustion!

It also gave me an hour a day to myself… to completely forget about the children, the laundry, the groceries, the house work, and focus on ME.

Looking back now it was like stepping out of the dark into the light. It taught me how to quieten the mind, how to move with strength and grace.
Over time this yoga thing grew and grew and I guess I became thirsty for more knowledge around the philosophy and also to really fine tune my practice to the next level, which is what brought me to where we are today….
If you would like to find out more about my group classes, 1:1 sessions or online classes you can contact me via email, WhatsApp or by clicking the button below.